Sunday, May 14, 2006

Beautiful "Mother's Day" Sunday

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I hope your family makes you feel as special as mine does. While packing up the garage a couple of weeks ago, I found this treasure that I want to share with you.

Mothers Day, 1998

My Mom is really great, in a special kind of way,
She lets me do a lot,
Which is more than my friends can say.
I love my Mom with all my heart,
Because she loved me from the start.
With my Mom I'm very fond,
Together we share a special bond.
Since I was a baby, my Mom put up with me,
Even through my terrible twos,
My Mom I did not lose.
From four to seven, independent I grew,
I didn't always say how much I really needed you.
Now I'm a teen, with me you have not a doubt,
Until I brought home a boy, you said,
"Define going out!"
No matter how old I get,
I know you'll always be there,
So now I'd like to tell you how much I really care!
I love you, Mom, Happy Mothers Day
Love, Aimee

I wish I could've found the box that had the poem that Sarah wrote for me in kindergarten. Back then, she perceived my as 18 feet tall and weighing a huge 30 pounds!

I remember when Joleen was little, about 4 or 5, she drew a picture of me, complete with a HUGE smile and all my teeth! She even colored my teeth yellow! That Mother's Day card is also tucked away in a special box.

The first Mother's Day that we shared with Deana came a very short while after she came to live with us. She was attending the Upland Head Start Preschool. She made me a bouquet of flowers on construction paper with macaroni that had been dyed.

Now, even though I've never been the "mother figure" in their lives, Sherry and Michelle never forget to call me on Mother's Day to acknowledge my presence in their lives. It makes me feel good.

I have 23 years of fabulous Mother's Day memories. From my very first one in 1983 to today, 2006...Thank you girls. I love you.

This is my inspiration for happiness...