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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Christmas Card Catalog

I have been working very hard on creating this catalog of Christmas Card designs to offer to individuals as well as small businesses. I have been blessed with several orders thus far! I already have placed supply orders for an order of 150 Pine Berry cards, 140 Cardinal cards, 12 Thanksgiving Blessing cards, and the 60 Santa with his Toys cards for my family. I have completed the two small orders already! Today I took an order for 50 Cardinal Cards, 25 Snowflake cards, and should have another for 125 either Pine Berry or Peaceful Wishes. Last night I took a special order for 100 Happiest Holiday cards in special colors. Actually I really like their chosen colors better than my original ones! I designed a couple of other cards last night and hope to get orders in for those, so I can place another supply order. I am very excited, but also a little nervous. I hope I priced them right! I also hope I can fill all the orders with satisfaction and in a timely manner. With the retreat coming up as well, I am very busy! Anyway, maybe these pictures will help you come up with an idea for your own cards. Let me know so I can make sure to have all your supplies ready for you! Here is my catalog....


Blogger aunt kim said...

Lisa, Those cards are really nice! I am sure you will be able to fulfill your orders as well as gain a few more. In fact, do you want to make mine? lol Good luck to you!

3:43 PM  
Blogger *aimee* said...

so, how's it going?

9:06 PM  

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