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Monday, December 04, 2006

Here I am!!!!!!!

Well, life has been so busy lately. I've been really great at taking the pictures, but have had no time to put them out there to share with you all. We'll use this blog as a catch up.

First, Sarah has been very busy in her new ministry called C.I.A. (Christ in Action). It is a mime and sign troop that goes around spreading the gospel with music. She's been working very hard and is doing very well. We are very proud of her as well as the group. We quickly felt like we belongs to this "family". Most of the kids in this troup have been doing this for several years; some up to 8 years. As the kids grow up, they take over leadership roles in the group. It's great! I'm glad for Sarah to be involved in such a great project.

Next, Thanksgiving was so fabulous! I really had a great time. I'm already feeling sad about next year. This was the first year that we had all of our children and their families with us. In addition, all of my family, with the exception of Laura and James were there too! Thanks to a quick weather change, we moved it all indoors. Although it was crowded, it was terrific. The food was to die for, as usual, and for the first time ever, we made enough deviled eggs! There were actually 4 left over! :) With turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, veggies, salads, homemade bread (Thanks, Kim!), pies (Alex even baked from scratch!) , birthday cake and all the trimmings, I'm sure no one went home hungry! Thank you to everyone who made this day so special. I find myself counting down the days until Christmas, so we can be together again! Can't wait for that lasagna...

Speaking of Christmas.....on Friday after Thanksgiving, we decorated for Christmas. It was lots of fun, and we even had Deana home to help. Sarah and Deana are now tall enough, that they don't need any help trimming the tree. This is both exciting and sad for me. Some days it's very hard to see them all grown up! Our neighbor, Brielle, has been asking Mom and Dad for a baby sisiter. Since they have not obliged her, she came over to be "sisters" with the girls and helped with the tree. Here are the rest of the pictures of Sarah and Thanksgiving, along with our Christmas decorations! 21 more days and counting!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger aunt kim said...

Yeah, you're back! Sarah looks scary.....just kidding, I am sure it's great fun watching her have such a great time with this. Hopefully I will get a chance to see her perform. sure was nice! Thanks for hosting such a great party. Of course you could not have done it without me (and everyone else)lol :) and I have to agree, next year will be sad.

Love the decorations too!

8:40 PM  
Blogger *aimee* said...

I second that.....yay! you're back!!! Thanksgiving truly was wonderful and I'm still talking about it. You did a great job...and of course Aunt Kim did too. ::wink:: I am glad things are going well with Deana and that everyone had a blast decorating. I can't wait to see it in person. Your little neighbor is too cute. I'm glad she could join the girls.

2:05 AM  

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